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-Our Story-

May all Beings be Happy

This line may sound common in hearing and reading, but it is the sentiment of the sages who want the welfare of everyone, and this nature is the soul of Sadhubela. Inspired by the name of an Ashram in Mumbai, the word literally means a gathering of sages.

There are many forms of God in this universe, despite having different names and characteristics; he is the same in all of them. That for whom there is nothing beyond their own soul or Shree Hari, the one who feels sad in the sorrow of others and smiles in their happiness, is a Vaishnav. Salute again and again to such sages, saints, arihants, acharyas etc., no matter what caste, attire, country or form they may be in.

Ramnik Bhanawat- Founder of Sadhubela.

Since childhood, he has been interested in spirituality, art and social welfare. Every day started with a new chapter and ended with a new experience. The journey had many turns and ends but one thing that stayed as it is on the way, was his intention to bring spirituality, art and welfare together. He was always inspired by the simple stories of Malgudi Days by RK Narayan and it can be seen in the offerings Sadhubela makes. Made with innocence, our products are nostalgic reminders that never grow old.

Timelessness is made of simplicity and you can see it in all that we do. Our products are made by people who live the simplest of lives but have the biggest of hearts. In the beginning, we couldn’t convince established craftsmen to give us their time and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We turned to those who didn’t have a name but had the heart to give form to our ideas and designs. Their love and support is unforgettable for us.

Our organization, which started with only 3 to 4 product designs, gradually started reaching great heights.Every day begins with a new joy and ends with a new experience.

During this journey, in 2018, international e-commerce company Amazon honored us with the Extra-Mile Award.

Our journey that started from a small rented room has today reached our self-built workshop and art gallery located in Udaipur.

Today, it’s been seven years since we took shape but the way we see it, it was always in the making. We hope that whenever you see one of our creations in your home, office, or garden,it will connect you back to this simplicity.

Today, as you read this, we can say that Sadhubela has only just begun. We are a small industry; small steps but have faith and patience. If an ant starts walking, it can slowly cover a thousand miles, and if an eagle does not fly, it cannot cover even a single step.

Our Story