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Packing & Gifting


Undoubtedly, handmade crafts are not only beautiful but also delicate; it is an important responsibility of our team to deliver them safely to you. A safe and successful shipment depends on the packing of the consignment and good service from the logistics company.

All our logistics partners are known for their fast and better service, among which BlueDart and DTDC are prominent. For international orders, we use the services of DHL, FedEx, UPS and Aramex logistics as per the location.


If we talk about packing, we avoid using plastic wrap, bubble roll, thermocol as much as possible. Instead, we use brown paper wrap and corrugated paper cuttings. For safety reasons, we use multilayer corrugated box as a main container which is quite strong.


Whatever gift we choose is very precious in itself, but its impact starts with gift packing style, and pattern which brings smile at first sight. Generally we dispatch all orders in gift pack form which are eco-friendly. At present we have four types of gift patterns available which you can choose from while placing your order.

Our gift patterns are -Brown Paper, Traditional Design, Minimal Color, and Post Office.


There are many occasions among our sixteen rituals (SolahSanskar) which we can make memorable with gifts.

  • 1) NaamkarnaSanskaar (Naming)
  • 2) MundanSanskaar (Mundan Ceremony)
  • 3) VidyarambhSanskaar (First Day of Education)
  • 4) KarnavedhaSanskaar (Ear Piercing Ceremony)
  • 5) Yagyopavit/UpnayanaSanskaar
  • 6) VivahSanskaar (Wedding)

Apart from these, there are many occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary, new house/office opening, and festivals or any special day, Gifting has a special significance on all these days. It is a great pleasure for us when we design a unique and memorable gift for you.

For more details please feel free to contact us.

Packing & Gifting